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My Aashis's is a family store selling modern & contemporary family and living room #furniture. We do understand how hard you work to save every penny and that's why it is common to have questions when it comes to spending a big buck on furniture. We also understand your anxiety while navigating products and are doing our best to answer all your questions through this blog so you get the comfort that you need to make a good purchase.

You can always reach out to us at (800) 819-9862 if you think your questions are not answered to the best of your satisfaction.

Rest be assured, we will not process your order until we talk to you personally and confirm every small details of your need. This gives you another chance to modify your order if you change your mind after the order is placed.

Q1. Which leather quality to select?
Answer: We provide 2 options "Top Grain Genuine Leather" and "Bonded Leather". Top grain genuine leather is a genuine 100% natural and best leather available in the marketplace. This is slightly expensive but lasts for years without much wear and tear.

Bonded Leather is processed leather which gives you similar texture and feeling as Italian leather but is slightly cheaper in cost and is an option if you want to save some money on your furniture while maintaining the standard. We strongly recommend buying Top Grain Genuine leather if your wallet allows you to spend little more.

Change the leather quality in the dropdown list to see the price difference. Both leather has same warranty as described in the warranty section of the product.

Q2. What is the difference between curbside delivery and white glove delivery?
Answer: My Aashi's home delivery partner always schedules an appointment with you prior to delivery so you are available to receive the product.

Curbside delivery is the most common mode of delivery where the furniture boxes are delivered at the curb (on your driveway or in front of your main door) if the delivery van can reach there. You take the boxes inside your room, unpack it and assemble it. Sofa assembly is very easy as you just need to stack the pieces next to each other.

For White Glove delivery - Your furniture will be taken to the room of your choice by the delivery company. They unpack the boxes, and also take the debris along with them but they DO NOT assemble the pieces. This service is comes for additional cost and you have an option to select at the time of ordering.

Q3. How to Select Sofa color?
Answer: Based on the sofa you select, it can give you option to select 2 leather colors: Refer picture for details
Base Color: This is the main color where your body touches the sofa.  Black is the base color in the below picture
Trim Color: This is the secondary color matching the main color. White is the trim color in the below picture
Color Selection
Color selection is an optional feature. You may decide to not select anything and we will get in touch with you after you place the order to make sure we know which color you want. If you decide to select the color of your sofa to match your home interiors, you can see the selection in the order summary page. After we receive your order, we will call you to confirm your selection before we place the order.

Q4. How should I select the chaise side for my sofa?
Answer: Chaise is an upholstered sofa in the shape of a chair that is long enough to support the legs. Please refer the below picture to determine the direction of the chaise that you need.Chaise Selection

If your sofa has a chaise then you have an option to select the direction of the chaise. Please select the direction that best suits your living/family room. You can see the selection in the order summary. We will contact you to confirm the chaise direction before we process the order.

Q5. Why should I select matching coffee table at the time of ordering sofa?
Answer: Coffee table typically costs you above $750 if you want to order it separately. The coffee table catalog can be accessed at Menu --> Furniture --> Coffee Table. 
Any of the coffee tables that you see in the coffee table catalog can be ordered at the time of ordering sofa by JUST selecting Matching coffee table and MyAashis customer service will contact you once they receive the order to confirm the coffee table design that you want to order. You can also mention the coffee table design in the notes section at the time of checkout. This is a great way of saving 30% on coffee table.

Q5. Why should I add Extended Warranty for the furniture?
Answer: My Aashis provides warranty for a limited period based on the product you order which can be found easily in the product details page. If you want accidental damage or any other damage to be covered for 5 years then you should select the Extended Warranty as this gives you peace of mind for any accidental damage to your furniture. THIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the investment you are making on these customized and expensive furniture.

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