Why My Aashis for buying Kids Bedroom Furniture Set?

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My Aashis Kids Furniture set

Choosing the right kids’ #furniture is quite a tedious task as they are very upright in sharing their likes and dislikes. My Aashis, the leading#OnlineStore of USA brings a wide repertoire of #KidsFurniture set that is extremely attractive and purposeful while including the essential fixtures required; bed, chairs, computer table, wardrobe, book shelf and much more.

For every parent, child is their world and decorating their room gives the unmatched satisfying pleasure. It's a desire of every parent to organize furniture, show piece, wall hangings in the kid’s room.

 Kids Room Furniture Set Kids Room Furniture Set Kids Room Furniture Set


My Aashis has been in furniture business for many  years in Asian market and has now expanded its operations in United States to bring the best themed bedroom set for your kids. This furniture set is in great demand and is one of the best selling furniture sets on My Aashis. This furniture set enhances the look of your kid’s room and will also boost your kid’s confidence as no one can resist complimenting your kid’s room.

This bedroom set has 3 categories: 

  1. For Boys - Mostly blue themed or characters liked by boys
  2. For Girls – Mostly pink themed or characters that girls are fascinated about
  3. Unisex or Neutral themes that both boys and girls like

The bedroom furniture set consists of

  1. Twin size bed with themed head board and 2 storage units
  2. Bedside table for lamp
  3. Computer Table with drawers
  4. Computer Chair
  5. Themed Book shelf
  6. 3 door themed wardrobe

What it takes to assemble this furniture set?

This furniture set is like lego for parents. It is highly recommended to assemble one piece at a time so you enjoy each and every moment of the effort you put in to organize your kid’s room. Also this creates excitement for kids when the suspense unfolds after each piece is assembled.

Assembly Time: (Follow the sequence strictly to make it fun filled event)

  1. Computer Chair – 10 mins
  2. Bedside table – 30 mins
  3. Computer Table with drawers – 1 hr 30 mins
  4. Themed book shelf – 2 hrs
  5. 3 door themed wardrobe – 3 hrs
  6. Twin size bed with themed head board and 2 storage units – 2 hrs 

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